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yamasurume's work

Creation cartoon
A1B1 Move1A1B1 MOVE1(30P)

Mystery man at stationMystery man at station(4P)Mystery man of trench coat that appears at station every night. His purpose?

EhyanheriyonEhyanheriyon(14P)It is a huge robot in the town of the night. Ehyanheriyon struggled to repulse.

Beautiful woman in forest in which it cannot sleepBeautiful woman in forest in which it cannot sleep(3P)One beautiful woman sleeps in the forest. On earth why

Expert of martial artsExpert of martial arts(1P)Teacher of martial arts under practice of nunchakus.

Irregular, serial child novel
Far travel of Yurica

Yamasurume self introduction

Thank you for giving it by being on this site. Please let me introduce myself a little.

First of all, has used the pen name "Mountain dried cuttlefish" since the elementary school.

I think that it was phantom thief Lupin one "813" of the south seas Ichiro translation that read the book straight first well in reading though the cartoon was read in childhood.

Was it about the fourth grade of elementary school?...It is type poisoning by the favor now.

After all, the animated cartoon is Future Boy Conan. It fitted in the first Gundam. Because space battleship Yamato revives when thinking that characters died, it has gotten tired sooner or later.

Favorite cartoonist Mr./Ms. Osamu Tezuka, Mr./Ms. Fujio of Fujiko, blue Mr./Ms. Ikeyasco, and teacher Hide Agatsuma is teacher it, Reiji Matsumoto of Mr./Ms. of Kawasaki who climbs it, and is Mr./Ms. Daijiro Morohoshi, and Mr./Ms. Yosuke Takahashi . . . It is limitless.

A cartoon alone was not stopped though parents stopped.

Please associate forever though you are such me.

This site is "Free the link. "

Please give http://www15.plala.or.jp/yamasurume/Eindex.html or http:/www15.plala.or.jp/yamasurume/(Japanese top page) to me linking ahead when it is possible to link.

Of course, you may link besides top page.

When any left can be used, it is glad when the image is used.

Moreover, the Katada work on this homepage publishes in the magazine and the book without permission and is excellent.

However, Katada has, and describe the author name clearly in the copyright, please as the address on the site.

Because Shi has the copyright, I hope about Mr. Hahifuheho's work in saying no reprint permission at present.

© 1982-2007 Yamasurume, All rights reserved.

© 1979-2007 Hahifuheho, All rights reserved.
I was going to use the excite translation for the translation from Japanese.
It returns up.